Donald Trump just got handed some truly bad news

The 2020 presidential election is still a very long way away. Plenty can happen between now and then. We don’t even know who will be the 2020 Democratic nominee. Here’s the trouble for Donald Trump. New polling shows that he’s polling almost astonishingly poorly against, well, everyone.

The latest Quinnipiac poll has Donald Trump getting thoroughly drubbed by any viable opponent. Joe Biden gets 53% while Trump gets 40%. Bernie Sanders gets 51% while Trump gets 42%. Kamala Harris gets 49% while Trump gets 41%. Elizabeth Warren gets 49% while Trump gets 42%. You get the idea. No matter how early it may be in the 2020 election cycle, these numbers are horrible for an incumbent president. In fact, the numbers sent such shockwaves, the phrase “Trump 41%” became the top trending topic on Twitter as people made jokes about various things like the measles also polling ahead of Trump.

Of course a lot can change in a year and a half. Hillary Clinton had numbers this strong against Donald Trump at one point in the 2016 race. But then the media began playing up Hillary’s imaginary email scandal as if it were somehow going to get her indicted, and James Comey sent a letter which falsely claimed Hillary wa under investigation, and the Russians did what they did on Trump’s behalf, and it all added up to enough to hand Trump an illegitimate victory.

So there are two takeaways here. One is that Donald Trump is thoroughly getting his butt kicked right now. Despite some of the more histrionic narratives out there, Trump isn’t on track for a second term. He clearly hasn’t put some secret evil genius plan in play. He’s just losing. Badly. Trump is a million billion quadrillion miles away from being in contention in the 2020 race. But the other takeaway is that even though Trump is in the biggest hole in the history of holes, the Democrats shouldn’t assume that any lead is safe. The imperative for 2020 is America must unite behind the eventual Democratic nominee and run up the score by as large of a margin as possible – just in case.

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