Michigan Attorney General hints state legislators could face criminal punishment for Trump meeting

With Georgia certifying its results today and confirming Joe Biden as the winner, another door has slammed in Donald Trump’s face. He’s holding a bizarre and shameful meeting with Michigan’s Republican state legislators today, as he tries to create the illusion that he can get them to magically hand him the state’s electoral votes. That’s not a real thing, but everyone involved could be in real trouble.

When Michigan’s Attorney General was asked about the meeting, she said “We don’t comment on pending investigations.” In other words, this means there is a criminal investigation into the meeting. This isn’t surprising. It would be illegal for the legislators to give their state’s electoral votes to the wrong person, so it’s not difficult to make the legal argument that by merely meeting with Trump about it, they’re conspiring to commit that crime, even though it’ll go nowhere.


Once again, this is all a charade. Even if Michigan’s state legislators did give Biden’s electoral votes to Trump, which they won’t, it would be quickly reversed in court. As we keep seeing with all these recent court cases that Trump keeps losing, when one side has no case, the courts tend to move decisively – and the particular biases of the judges involved don’t really matter.

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