The real reason Michelle Wolf was able to bury Donald Trump last night

Last night’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner was a bit bland until Michelle Wolf got on stage. Then she killed it. She was able to completely eviscerate Trump and she did it in a way that comedians, for the most part, have missed. Yes, she went after the Stormy Daniels story, and yes she was able to handle it with a deft hand by saying that she would not shut up unless Michael Cohen wired her $130,000. Big laugh. She also went after Mike Pence, and for the most part, it was tasteful. But then she just unloaded on Trump and his staff.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders looked like she was about to have a stroke. She thought somehow being on stage would save her from criticism. Clearly, it did not. Even Reince Priebus got stung. Paul Ryan? He got clipped too. She even managed to take a few punches at Democrats. Ted Kennedy, God rest his soul, even got punched. But she saved the Best for the one thing that really hurts Trump: money.

In an administration that has so much scandal and so much to be ashamed of, she went where comedians have largely ignored. Trump’s money, or the lack of it. Do you want to embarrass Trump? Make an accusation that he is not financially successful. Nothing gets to Trump more than having to admit he is a financial failure.

The Russian money laundering scandal is directly connected to Donald Trump’s failure as a business tycoon, and Michelle Wolf nailed it. She has laid bare the vulnerability that Trump has: money. He went to the Russians because he could not secure American financial backing. They were all at Trump Tower because they wanted sanctions lifted. Michelle Wolf is a genius. She knows he is broke. The biggest fear he has is people finding out he’s not a billionaire.

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