Michael Cohen says New York criminal indictments against Donald Trump and his kids are coming

Michael Cohen was officially released from home confinement today, at the end of his federal sentence for his role in Donald Trump’s campaign finance crime spree. It’s still anyone’s guess as to whether the DOJ is pursuing a federal criminal case against Trump. But the Manhattan District Attorney is clearly bringing a state level criminal case against Trump in New York, and Cohen had something to say about that today.

Michael Cohen appeared on CNN this afternoon, where host Alisyn Camerota pointed out that Donald Trump and his family haven’t been criminally indicted. Cohen clarified that they merely haven’t been indicted “yet” and explained that the wheels of justice turn slowly.

This matters, because Cohen is the primary reason the New York criminal probe into Donald Trump exists. His testimony to Congress, before he went to prison, alerted New York prosecutors about various Trump financial fraud schemes, which they’ve since been investigating. Cohen has since met with New York prosecutors a double digit number of times, as the case has progressed.


If anyone is in a position to know where the New York criminal case stands, and whether the evidence is there to indict Donald Trump and his family, it’s Michael Cohen – and he says indictments are coming. It’s fitting that Cohen has been freed just in time to watch the Trump clan start losing its freedom.

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