Chris Christie and the inmates running the asylum

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There are few members of the insurrection party who display sanity. These days, it seems like outrage and lawlessness are the main ingredients making up the party. And, there are a few of the great pretenders running around. They are the ones who choose to pretend they are something they’re not. Nobody embodies this behavior more than former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Christie has not stopped running his mouth off lately. Just turn on any news station, and there he is — comfortably smug, mansplaining how his devotion to Trump is not REALLY devotion.

Nicole Wallace of MSNBC recently pulverized Christie for whining about fake news in his book but not saying anything about Fox.

Although I feel MSNBC should never have had him on in the first place, it WAS fun watching Christie stammering, trying his best to get out of the trap Wallace had set for him. Recently Christie made another comment I feel I must address. Speaking of Attorney General Garland, Christie said he is allowing “the inmates to run the asylum.”

This has to do, of course, with parents and school boards. Christie accused Garland of using the Patriot Act to go after parents who are “rightfully going and raising concerns.” I call bullshit.

I am writing this particular article to ask that Democrats — you, me, all of us — speak out against this stuff when we see it. The truth is Garland is doing his job. Parents have the right to be heard, but they do not have the right to make threats against teachers, school board members, other concerned parents, etc. Many crossed a line that Christie is pretending does not exist.

Although the GOP sucks at governing, they have a way of labeling Democrats, and sometimes these labels stick. We cannot allow this anymore and must fight back.

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