Michael Cohen drops bizarre bombshell on Donald Trump’s head

In the end, the scandals that take a politician down aren’t necessarily the scandals that should take a politician down. For instance, Donald Trump has committed everything from treason against the United States during the election, to mass negligent homicide during the pandemic. While the revelations that Michael Cohen is exposing about Trump aren’t necessarily the worst things that Trump has done, they are some of the creepiest, and thus they could end up doing the most damage.

Take, for instance, tonight’s new revelation from Michael Cohen’s new book. CNN’s Pervaiz Shallwani is reporting that Donald Trump brought an Obama impersonator into his office just so he could “fire” him. Cohen even has a photo of the bizarre scene:

This isn’t among the hundred most horrible things Donald Trump has done, but it might be one of the most deranged and inexplicable. It serves to show that Trump is indeed the kind of depraved creepy weirdo who’s so far removed from human normalcy, he really is capable of the more important depraved things he’s accused of having done.

It’s also worth noting that based on court filings and tweets from the New York Attorney General herself, the criminal case against Donald Trump that’s currently in front of a New York grand jury originated with Michael Cohen’s evidence. Trump’s campaign finance and banking felonies might not be his most egregious crimes either, but they’re the ones that are on track to send him to prison if he loses the election.

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