There’s an avalanche falling on Donald Trump’s head – and it’s about to get worse

When someone in Donald Trump’s orbit began leaking details earlier this week about his Walter Reed visit, we wondered aloud if it was the start of a trend leading up to election day. When someone else in Trump’s orbit then leaked his deranged remarks about U.S. military troops, it definitely started to look like a trend. Now it’s snowballing.

In the wake of Stroke-gate and Military-gate (sorry, these scandals need better names, but they’re all happening too quickly), Michael Cohen is now revealing Donald Trump’s bizarre creepy obsession with President Obama, even as Stephanie Winston Wolkoff is exposing what a monster Melania Trump is.

It’s notable that all of these bombshells, from Cohen and Wolkoffl to whoever leaked the Walter Reed and military stories, appear to be coming from inside Donald Trump’s orbit. These are people who were right there at Trump’s side, and now that America is facing a decision about whether to keep Trump in power for four more years or send him to prison, these former allies are trying to steer voters toward the latter.

There is no longer any question that this is a trend. There’s more coming. There has to be. This is turning into an avalanche of scandal for Donald Trump, at the worst possible time for him – which of course is the point. These scandals will force Trump to play defense every day between now and election day while trying to fend it all off. This gives us an opportunity to ramp up our voter registration and turnout efforts, and finish him off once and for all.

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