Donald Trump just lost Michael Caputo

Donald Trump’s handpicked HHS spokesman Michael Caputo has had arguably one of the most scandalous and disturbing weeks in presidential administration history – and in a reminder of just how deranged the Trump administration is, there was no guarantee he’d even lose his job over it. But now Caputo is leaving the building.

After Caputo was caught altering CDC coronavirus reports, and caught calling for violence surrounding the election, and caught tweeting racist things prompting him to delete his account, and flat out admitted that he thought the shadows on his wall were out to get him, he let it be known yesterday that he was considering taking a medical leave of absence. Sure enough, that’s officially happened as of this afternoon. So now what?


If Michael Caputo is as disturbed as he claims, we hope he gets professional help. But from a strictly political standpoint, what’s notable is that his leave of absence is for sixty days. That’s after election day. Caputo was supposed to play a key role in the election for Trump, by using his HHS position to put false pro-Trump information out there. Now he’s stepping off the stage for the rest of the election. Caputo was a rather ineffective henchman to begin with, but this means Trump has nonetheless lost yet another henchman. Trump is running out of people and he’s running out of time.

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