Donald Trump’s town hall debacle implodes

Just how much fo a disaster was Donald Trump’s ABC News town hall last night? His apologists on Fox News had to resort to framing the whole thing as an “ambush” to try to explain away why most of the questions and answers went so poorly for him. Trump (or his handlers) even went so far as to tweet a doctored video of Joe Biden with the N-word in it, just to try to distract everyone. The fallout is still coming.

In an almost hilariously inept attempt at insisting that everything is fine, Donald Trump posted this tweet this morning: “Thank you for the great reviews of the @ABC News show last night!”

Really, Donald Trump? Audience members chewed you out. You were completely incoherent and you clearly didn’t want to be there. You said Biden is the current President. You said “herd mentality” is a coronavirus cure. It was your worst public appearance to date. There were no good reviews. Sad!

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