Merrick Garland is “coming for Donald Trump”

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“Fear nothing.” Some people exist who live by that mantra. Their courage is an inspiration. They are immune to the world of fear. For these very special people, courage appears to be their core. They wear it like a glittering badge. And when confronted by ominous events — they do not creep away in terror. They embrace the challenge of putting the terror to bed. One of those people, according to many, is Merrick Garland.

Garland heads up our Department of Justice. And he has become controversial these last few years. He has become that way through no fault of his own. It would seem many blame him for not moving fast enough on Donald Trump. Listen — this writer holds no illusions. There will be some readers who disagree with me, and that’s fine. We are all allowed different opinions.

But I’d like to point you toward an article. It is called “Merrick Garland fears no person,” and these words were said by legal scholar Norm Eisen who believes Garland is “coming for Donald Trump.”

Eisen believes we should all have patience. He also thinks the January 6 hearings will be vital in holding Trump accountable.

Eisen explains it is important to start from the bottom. He also feels like Palmer Report does that many signs point toward an ongoing investigation.

Eisen also knows Garland — very well.

This is where those words come from.

“Garland fears no person.”

“He is a great American jurist and lawyer.”

“He’s very methodical. He’s very deliberate.”

I happen to agree with his analysis. It’s always important to look at the past when peering at the future.

And the fact is Garland is known for not messing up investigations. He’s known for patience, cunning, humility, and determination. We will see what eventually happens.

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