Donald Trump’s handlers are setting him up for a mental incapacity defense

Not only has Donald Trump invented an imaginary game show and vowed to give out the awards at a specific date and time, he’s now decided to reschedule his imaginary game show for a new date and time. This comes just one day after he declared himself a “very stable genius” and “like, really smart.” Based on the writing style and verbiage, Trump didn’t write these tweets himself. Maybe he dictated them to a staffer, or maybe a staffer crafted them out of whole cloth. Either way, his handlers are involved in promoting these mentally incompetent tweets. There is only one possible reason.

One way or the other, we’ve seen enough out of Trump to know that 1) he is dangerously and malignantly mentally ill, 2) he’s also showing signs of senility in addition to his mental illness, and 3) his condition is worsening. But Trump’s senior advisers, despite being bumbling buffoons and criminals themselves, aren’t mentally incapacitated like Trump is. They know that these tweets are demented. They know the tweets expose Trump as being dangerously mentally incompetent. So why are they making a point of advertising it for all to see?

At this point the only realistic explanation is that Trump’s people are trying to set him up for a mental incapacity defense. They know he’s going to end up being brought to answer for his Russia crimes, his obstruction crimes, and his lifetime of other crimes. Of course, being mentally unfit to stand trial won’t get Trump off the hook. He’ll still end up in some sort of confinement. So why are Trump’s people even bothering? It’s got to be some sort of ploy to try to save themselves.

Perhaps Donald Trump’s handlers are under the impression that if he’s confined to a mental institution instead of standing trial, the details about their own roles in the scandal will never come out at trial. Perhaps they believe the nation will consider the matter closed, instead of demanding that every last guilty adviser is locked up. Keep in mind that Trump and his people are relying on some of the worst lawyers of all time, so even if this is a totally faulty legal strategy, that may not be preventing them from pursuing it. Stay tuned.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report