Memo to the Biden administration: don’t take the bait on this one

For many years, the GOP has tried to posture itself as the party that’s tough on foreign policy – claiming to believe in a strong defense and secure borders, even if it’s only ever been anything but an act that clicks with few people outside of their base. Insurrectionist Josh Hawley, not to be outdone by his reckless rhetoric earlier this year, or his determination to not vote for any Biden appointees to the Departments of Defense or Homeland Security until Secretary Austin resigns, he decided to pull a political stunt during Tuesday’s hearing, but only made himself look foolish.

While interviewing DHS Secretary Alexander Mayorkas, Hawley tried desperately to keep up with the right wing narrative about a border crisis – accusing Mayorkas of failing on security. He cited some numbers to try and lead with his question and then he asked if the record number of migrants traveling across the southern border from other countries is what Mayorkas would call a success. The problem is that Mayorkas, already dealing with a heavily defunded DHS that has to not only deal with border crises but domestic terror issues as well, never made any statement of the kind prior to that. He promptly called Hawley out for trying to bait him into saying something the GOP could use in their 2022 campaign ads.


All he got was Mayorkas admitting that they’re currently dealing with the crisis that Republicans managed to set up on their way out the door – hardly something they want the voter in the middle to be aware of. Republicans like Hawley are determined to politicize whatever they can if it means regaining power next year. Administrators within Biden’s cabinet would be wise to follow this model and not take the bait.

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