The Trump-Russia scandal is what we thought it was

Russia, Russia, Russia. Former Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell aide, Jesse Benton, is being indicted for passing Russian money to the Trump campaign. You might remember him as he was given one of the last-minute pardons before Trump left office. He had been convicted of illegally passing money to a backer of Ron Paul. This new indictment just brings us back to Moscow all over again.

While Fox News focuses on the Durham investigation and the lone pointless indictment that came out of it, the Republicans are wiping the trails clean of their foreign money backers. Soon Trump will refer to Benton, a veteran Republican staffer, as just another coffee boy.

There’s zero possibility any of these people can claim they didn’t understand the laws they’ve broken. The sad truth is when Kevin McCarthy was on tape mentioning who he thought Putin pays, he was being way too conservative.


The Russia “hoax” is just like the Covid “hoax,” a political maneuver used to keep Republicans in power. They don’t mind selling the USA out to a hostile foreign power. They also don’t mind if hundreds of thousands die because after all, they themselves are fully vaccinated. Their constituents are sleepwalking, thinking they live in freedom, when they are being scammed. The myth that it’s dangerous to wake sleepwalkers is untrue. These indictments will grow and wake a lot of them to the fact that the Republican Party is dead. It was overtaken by bad actors decades ago and needs to dissolve.

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