Donald Trump suffers bizarre new meltdown about Robert Mueller

Now that Donald Trump has finally begun publicly ranting about Special Counsel Robert Mueller, some within the Resistance have become worried that it means Trump might try to fire Mueller. Trump’s own base should be more worried, as this is a sign that Trump is now so boxed in by his worsening scandals, he feels he has no choice but to begin attacking Mueller – and he’s doing it in particularly incompetent fashion. Trump’s meltdown about the Special Counsel this morning suggests that Trump can barely even function.

Trump tried to tweet a quote from his close ally Alan Dershowitz about Mueller, but botched it in several ways. For instance he misspelled “Special Counsel” as “Special Council” three times in the same quote, while also misspelling “whether” as “wether” and typing “the” as “the the.” Trump then deleted it and tried again, only to misspell “Special Counsel” three more times while changing “wether a crime exists” to “whether crimes exist.” This means he misquoted Dershowitz, in addition to misspelling everything.

The point of this is not merely to poke fun at Donald Trump over his glaring literacy issues, or even to highlight his ongoing refusal to rely on the vast resources of his office to have someone clean up his failed verbiage before he posts it. The real upshot is that Trump is becoming more frantic and sloppy in his behavior as things close in on him. In fact, after he deleted the first part of his two-part tweet and replaced it with partially corrected copy, he left the second part of the tweet intact, leaving them listed in the wrong order on his Twitter page. In the past, when Trump has made these kinds of mistakes, he’s had the sense to delete the entire thread and start over.

So where does this leave us? Donald Trump’s frustrated ranting about Robert Mueller is most likely a sign that he doesn’t think he can get away with firing Robert Mueller, or else he’d be doing it instead of whining. It’s also difficult to imagine Trump firing the Special Counsel when he can’t even spell “Special Counsel.”

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