Melania Trump bails on Donald Trump after Stormy Daniels scandal worsens

Donald Trump has been cheating on Melania Trump for as long as they’ve been together. For that matter, during their marriage he’s been caught on tape bragging about how he enjoys sexually assaulting women. There is no possible way that Melania doesn’t know by now that her husband is routinely unfaithful. So one might think that Trump’s newly exposed affair with adult film actress Stormy Daniels wouldn’t catch her off guard, right? Wrong, as it turns out.

Melania just bailed on a scheduled trip with Donald to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, according to a new CNN report. The White House is officially blaming it on “scheduling and logistical issues” but that’s the kind of excuse that’s always trotted out during a scandal whenever public figures don’t want to acknowledge the real reason. It’s not difficult to see what’s going on here: Melania has decided not to go on the trip with Donald as a result of the Stormy Daniels affair coming to light.

Considering that Donald Trump is also currently embroiled in other scandals which range from obstruction of justice to treason to having recently shut down the federal government, his affair with Daniels is far from his biggest scandal. For that matter, in political terms, the illegal nature of his cash payout to Daniels is a bigger scandal than the fact that he’s cheated on his wife yet again. However, from a practical standpoint, if Melania is now so angry or humiliated that she’s no longer even willing to accompany him on important overseas trips, or keep up appearances at all, now he has a whole new problem.

We’ll see how far this goes. Thanks to their prenuptial agreement, Melania Trump may not realistically be able to leave Donald Trump no matter what he does wrong; she’d be leaving a fortune on the table, and he might go after custody of Barron. But Melania can make Donald’s life miserable by simply refusing to play along with their sham marriage and creating a media feeding frenzy in the process – particularly at a time when his other scandals have left him more vulnerable than ever.

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