Melania Trump dragged into National Enquirer immunity deal

This week we learned that National Enquirer boss David Pecker was granted immunity from federal prosecution in exchange for his cooperation in the criminal case against Michael Cohen, who ended up cutting a plea deal of his own. Pecker’s immunity deal means that he has to keep cooperating with prosecutors on anything they want, including the criminal case against Donald Trump. Now Melania Trump has been dragged into the middle of it.

Earlier this week it surfaced that each time David Pecker bought up a negative story about Donald Trump and then killed it, he kept the evidence in a safe. He’s now going to have to give that evidence to Robert Mueller, if he hasn’t already. But it turns out the whole thing is much uglier than initially believed. Jerry George, who used to be a Bureau Chief for the National Enquirer, told CNN’s Erica Hill on-air tonight that Pecker has caught and killed stories about various members of the Trump family, including Melania.

To be clear, it’s not automatically a crime to buy up the exclusive rights to a story for the purpose of not running it. In the case of the National Enquirer buying and killing the Karen McDougal story, it was only a violation of federal law because the Enquirer conspired with a candidate for federal office (Donald Trump) to pay out hush money during an election. But if any of these other silenced stories were about Trump’s criminal activities, it could hand Mueller and the Feds new avenues for exposing Trump’s life of crime and taking him down for it.

So what does this have to do with Melania Trump? You’d have to ask Robert Mueller about that. He’s going to go through every Trump scandal that was silenced by the National Enquirer, and he’s going to determine which of them involved lawbreaking, and those are the ones we’re going to hear about. Melania had better hope that the stories about her that were silenced by the Enquirer weren’t criminal in nature. We already know that at least some of the silenced stories about Donald Trump were criminal in nature.

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