Meidas Touch slam dunks Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is in a downward spiral. His approval rating is falling. His odds of winning reelection in 2022 are dropping. He keeps arrogantly and ineptly digging himself a deeper hole.

Now DeSantis is trying to save himself by generically expressing support for the police. But as our friends at Meidas Touch pointed out, DeSantis is actually killing the police with his willfully negligent mishandling of COVID:

Meanwhile, Ron DeSantis is still traveling around Florida and hawking the COVID treatment Regeneron – even as he still refuses to promote COVID preventative measures such as vaccines and masks. It’s as if DeSantis is purposely trying to get as many Floridians infected with COVID as possible, so he can make sure they need Regeneron. What’s going on here?

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