This is backfiring on Kevin McCarthy

One thing that the GOP likes to do is engage in the “polemic” argument. Polemic arguments are strongly-worded statements filled with false claims but are phrased in a certain way to make the other side look wrong or weak. The person engaging in the Polemic argument uses an aggressive tone.

This style of arguing and writing was often seen in Ancient Greece, where it derived from. And it is widespread with the GOP. They love to argue in this way. They do it in almost every argument they have because hate and aggression often work with their constituents.

One of the republicans who engages in the polemic argument is Kevin McCarthy. The Californian has not stopped with his rhetoric since the January sixth commission got underway.

McCarthy’s utter refusal to stop his methods of intimidation have now backfired on him. He has had an ethics complaint filed against him. He has openly engaged in the intimidation of potential witnesses by threatening telecom companies. He has shown himself to be weak and pitiful.

And now the Washington Post has come out with an opinion piece on the California coward entitled: “Kevin McCarthy is the O.J. Simpson of January 6.”

It did not have to be like this. McCarthy could have chosen to do the right thing. But like many others before him, he fell under the cowardly spell of the former guy. And anyone who follows the orange guy only succeeds in having the utter worst brought out in them.

I believe McCarthy, with his cowardly ways and polemic arguments, has forfeited any chance he had of ever being House Speaker. Like the legendary Greek Sage, Bias of Priene said: “Win by persuasion, not by force.” McCarthy cannot do that. All he can do is engage in his Strawman arguments, which, when he chooses to do so, shows his utter weakness.

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