That’s what you get for going after Maxine Waters

Donald Trump made a mistake when he tried to pick a fight with Congresswoman Maxine Waters. He’s spent months trying to falsely paint her along the lines of one racist stereotype after another. He’s even gone as far as falsely accusing her of trying to incite violence. As it turns out, Trump supporter Cesar Sayoc made a mistake when he targeted Maxine Waters as well.

Sayoc was arrested today for allegedly sending bombs to more than a dozen prominent Democratic political figures, including the Obamas and the Clintons. One of the names on the list was Maxine Waters, who has been in Congress for decades, but who didn’t become a nationally known figure until the Trump era.

At a press conference this afternoon, FBI Director Christopher Wray announced that Sayoc was identified partly due to a fingerprint he inadvertently left on one of the two bombs he attempted to send to Maxine Waters. The heroes here, of course, are the FBI agents, police officers, postal employees, and others who worked together to catch this guy. But you can’t beat the irony of Sayoc ultimately getting nailed because he included Maxine Waters on his hit list.