Matt Gaetz staff exodus begins as scandal worsens

The Matt Gaetz scandal keeps getting uglier by the hour. It began with profoundly ugly allegations of sex with an underage girl and underage sex trafficking. Now the federal criminal investigation into Gaetz is confirmed to be looking at everything from serial prostitution, to hard drug use, to fake IDs, to campaign finance violations.

Last night we pointed out that whether or not Gaetz ultimately survives this from a criminal justice standpoint, he’s already finished in politics. His career instantly ended the minute the New York Times confirmed that it has receipts for cash that Gaetz paid to women in exchange for sex. But because the Republican Party no longer functions, it hasn’t bothered to kick Gaetz to the curb while it can still score political points by doing so.

Even as the GOP continues to take no action against Matt Gaetz, his political operation is now imploding from within. For instance, his communications director just resigned. We doubt that’ll be the last Gaetz staffer who heads toward the doors.

Not only do Matt Gaetz’s staffers have to face the reality that their jobs probably won’t exist for much longer, they have to worry about being subpoenaed to testify about Gaetz’s actions as this scandal and federal criminal investigation continue to advance.

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