President Biden’s numbers are off the charts

I’m not the biggest believer in polls. But President Biden keeps rocking them by such wide margins (especially on his handling of the pandemic and economy), they cannot be ignored. This latest one comes from a reputable source, the Associated Press – NORC Center for Public Affairs Research (“AP Poll”) conducted March 26 to 29, surveying 1,166 Americans, and has margin of error of 3.6%.

Biden received a whopping 73% approval rating on his handling of the pandemic, including unusually high marks by Republicans who supported him by half. Biden’s second highest marks were on his handling of the economy at 66%, a huge increase from the 55% the AP Poll reported in February. Republican support for Biden on the economy increased slightly from February, but is still below 30%.

Those high marks helped to put Biden’s overall job approval rating at 61%, with Democrats’ approval at 96%, but only 22% among Republicans. (By comparison, this is well above any approval rating ever achieved by the former guy in any legitimate poll. He never even made it above 50%.) Biden’s high overall approval was also bolstered by his 55% approval rating on foreign policy, which is very good.

Americans were split on Biden’s handling of the deficit, with 48% approving and 50% disapproving – Democrats approved by 77%, but Republicans disapproved by 83%.

Biden’s lowest ratings were for immigration (42% approved, 56% disapproved), border security (44% approved, 55% disapproved) and gun policy (45% approved, 52% disapproved). Were there not so many categories (and essentially two categories on border control), Biden’s 61% overall approval would have been higher and closer to the 66% reported fairly recently by MSNBC, in my humble opinion. Once again, I believe this shows Americans are impatient with Biden not moving faster and harder on these issues, and doesn’t necessarily mean they disapprove of Biden’s actual policies on these issues or what he aims to accomplish in time. The gun problem has been around way too long, but it is impossible for Biden to solve it as quickly Americans would like. Biden actually received as much approval on these issues as the former guy usually did overall.

The bottom line is that Biden is doing an amazing job, which is being reflected fairly well in the polling.

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