Matt Gaetz podcast crashes and burns

Earlier this week Matt Gaetz announced he was going to launch a podcast, and he vowed that “Those who attempted to smear my name will be exposed.” If this were coming from a serious person, we’d have expected him to use the podcast to try to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the serious criminal allegations that the Feds are currently investigating him for. Alas, Gaetz is anything but a serious person.

Matt Gaetz has now launched his “podcast” – and let’s just say that it’s basically him and Marjorie Taylor Greene sitting at a table and whining a lot. As one example of how inane the whole thing is, there’s a part where Gaetz goes on a long bender blaming Paul Ryan for supposedly getting Lou Dobbs fired from Fox News. That’s right, Gaetz wants us to believe that Paul Ryan is somehow carrying out a vast conspiracy against the American right wing, or something.


This is just getting downright embarrassing for Matt Gaetz. In a recent tweet he claimed that Dr. Fauci is responsible for killing a bunch of dogs, to give you an idea of just how far gone he truly is. Of course Gaetz also generically claims that the criminal allegations against him have been “debunked” while not bothering to point to any actual debunking, so perhaps he’s deluded himself into believing that he’s just somehow magically off the hook. His arrest will come soon enough. Then again, it can’t come soon enough.

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