Matt Gaetz imploded just like we thought he would

Back when federal prosecutors made it known through the media that they needed more time to build a more comprehensive criminal case against Matt Gaetz because cooperating witness Joel Greenberg had given them too much evidence, the doomsday pundits came out in force. They insisted that because Gaetz wasn’t going to be immediately indicted, it means Gaetz was going to use the extra time to do unspecified “damage” and somehow magically win.

It was never clear what Matt Gaetz was supposedly going to do to magically save himself, because the doomsday pundits never do manage to go into specifics. But when Gaetz then launched a Super PAC and embarked on a tour across the nation, we were told that this meant Gaetz was magically winning.

We’ve since seen Gaetz struggle to draw a sizable crowd, while frequently being forced to change venue locations, amid reports that his tour was losing money. Sure enough, now Mother Jones is confirming that the Super PAC that Gaetz launched with Marjorie Taylor Greene is just about broke.

In other words, giving Matt Gaetz this extra time has โ€“ just as we predicted โ€“ done nothing to magically help him. He’s been in self destruct mode all year, and all he’s doing at this point is making prosecutors’ lives easier by running his mouth, even as he racks up debt.

As we’ve said from day one, the only thing that really matters when it comes to Matt Gaetz is building a thorough enough criminal case against him so that he’s a lock for conviction at trial. The only way Gaetz could come out of this a “winner” is if he’s indicted too soon on too thin of a case and then acquitted.


Even as those who see this all as a reality show are annoyed that Matt Gaetz hasn’t yet been indicted, and are proceeding to make up silly rationales for why their personal impatience is somehow legally relevant, the reality is that Gaetz is imploding just as we expected he would. Gaetz will, obviously, end up in prison โ€“ and the delays in his arrest won’t have ended up helping him one bit.

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