The GOP just gave away its Trump-fueled desperation

Big Brother is alive and well and living in the souls of Republicans everywhere. So many years ago, George Orwell tried to warn us in “1984.” So many thought it could never happen in America. Well, it has. And the GOP is taking its evil to new heights.

This time it’s against their own constituents — MAGA themselves. This week a strongly worded fundraising email went out to donors. It was a request for money (of course), and it was a brutal email as it seemed more furious at GOP constituents than the Democratic party.

This fundraising email labeled anyone who has not donated to the cause “traitors.” You read that correctly.

“You abandoned Trump,” the deranged email read.

“You did nothing,” the email went on.

“Was Trump wrong about you?”

It is pretty unbelievable to say this, but there is a strong possibility this email will work, and the GOP will indeed make some money off it.

But this email also shows the GOP’s fear. And desperation. Were they doing well, they would not have to resort to this. Were they doing well, their pitiful desperation would not be leaking through now.

The fact is they are losing their voters. People are leaving the GOP in record numbers, and they know it. This is what happens when one abandons their values and basic human decency.


The GOP is a party without a plan. They are a cult with a vicious leader — a dictator who does not give a damn about them. But because of their cowardice, Republicans can do nothing. They lack courage and moral fibre. They are entangled with the cult leader, and the American people know it. Perhaps when they lose big-time in 2022, the GOP will know it as well. Perhaps.

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