Matt Gaetz gets frantic

As Thanksgiving draws ever closer, we Democrats have so much to be thankful for. It is a new day. It’s a day of a triumphant Presidency with a noble and honest individual as President.

It is a time to be thankful for all the victories we’ve had — and all the ones on our way. So, as we fighters and victors give thanks this season, please let us not forget about a certain Congressman who appears to be losing his mind.

In the fashion of madmen everywhere, frantic Floridian Matt Gaetz is upping his volume of deranged tweets. He has also reportedly offered Kyle Rittenhouse a job — or at least an internship.

Gaetz and lunatic Paul Gosar are reportedly fighting over him, with Gosar offering to arm wrestle Gaetz to see who gets to hire Rittenhouse.

There is a problem with that logic where Gaetz is concerned, though. That problem is that the pesky little matter of a possible federal indictment hovering quietly over the high-haired head of Gaetz. It is rarely spoken about by Gaetz, but this indictment may come soon.
None of this surprises me as the bidding war to make lots of moola over Rittenhouse most likely has not even hit its peak yet. Remember, we are speaking of people who lack any morality whatsoever.


So, let’s give thanks, hold our families and friends close, be thankful we Democrats DO have consciences, and hope that in the upcoming new year, we hear as little about Gaetz as humanly possible — unless it is news of an imminent arrest.

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