Here’s the tipoff that new indictments may be about to surface in the New York criminal case against Donald Trump

One of the most frustrating aspects of 2021 has been that large chunks of the media have spent all year pretending that Donald Trump has “gotten away with it all” and is on a glide path to some kind of magical comeback in 2024, even while mostly ignoring the well documented fact that New York and Georgia are both in the process of criminally indicting Trump.

Then again, because updated news about these criminal probes has only surfaced on occasion, the media hasn’t had much to work with when it comes to covering them. In fact all we’ve really gotten is the occasional article from a major newspaper, providing updates, whenever prosecutors have decided to update the public by providing such information.

That’s why it’s so intriguing that the Washington Post just published a new sixty paragraph article about the New York criminal probe into Donald Trump, which doesn’t really contain any new information. Why on earth would WaPo bother to publish an article this lengthy, chock full of already-known details, that doesn’t even tell us anything new?

We’ve actually seen this before. Major newspapers tend to publish these kinds of comprehensive “get everyone up to date” articles about Trump criminal probes not long before a major development surfaces in the case. It’s as if they’ve been tipped off that something major is about to happen, but they don’t know what it is, so they whet readers’ appetites by publishing a primer in advance.


At this point the only major developments that are left to come out of the New York criminal case would be indictments of Donald Trump and his kids. So did WaPo just tip off that indictments are coming? Maybe. We’ll see. But that’s generally been the pattern in the media as this probe has gone on. Much as we wish the media would spend more time daily talking about the criminal case against Trump, it generally only happens when the media knows something is about to break. Stay tuned.

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