Mary Trump and E. Jean Carroll are going to finish Donald Trump off

On November 4, 2019, E. Jean Carroll sued Donald Trump in New York State Supreme Court for defamation, not only for denying her highly credible accusation of rape but for falsely insisting he never even met Carroll while trashing her as politically and financially motivated. Before detailing horrific sexual assault allegations against Trump, Carroll’s complaint began by accurately asserting that the “rape of a woman is a violent crime; compounding that crime with acts of malicious libel is abhorrent.”

Less than a year later, on September 24, 2020, Mary Trump filed a lawsuit also in New York State Supreme Court against Donald Trump and two of his siblings, claiming fraud and civil conspiracy. She alleged that her older relatives cheated her out of “tens of millions of dollars or more” upon her father’s death. As the opening sentence of the complaint proclaimed, “fraud was not just the family business—it was a way of life.”

The plaintiff in each New York lawsuit is a woman who has been unconscionably harmed by the same orange monster. Each lawsuit is a window into another unique nightmare manufactured by the repugnant impulses of America’s deadliest dirtbag, a soulless man-child who should never have been allowed to enter the White House as part of a public tour, let alone as President of the United States.

Breaking things and making a mess is a simple endeavor. Putting the pieces back, healing injuries, and restoring order takes time. As Carroll’s and Mary Trump’s claims crawl through the American justice system, thanks in large part to Trump’s knee-jerk legal maneuverings, the frustration inherent in the maxim “Justice delayed is justice denied” grows considerably.

However, although these protracted lawsuits are requiring their blameless plaintiffs to exercise saintly patience, the world’s least sympathetic defendant is not exactly winning. Thanks to recent interviews with Carroll and Mary Trump, we now know that their efforts are succeeding in restraining this beast from wreaking further havoc while no doubt taking a toll on his fragile psyche.

On Thursday afternoon, Mary Trump suggested on “The Carlos Watson Show” that her uncle will be “too busy defending himself in court or too busy giving depositions to stay engaged politically,” noting that Trump faces “three major lawsuits, one of which is mine, and at least three criminal investigations.” For good measure, she pointed out that Trump is in “less good shape than President Biden” and lacks “real marketable skills.”

Within hours, Carroll coincidentally appeared on The MeidasTouch Podcast to share insight about her lawsuit against Trump. You could not meet a more confident plaintiff than Carroll, and there’s no reason to believe she’s overhyping her position. “I just want everyone to be prepared to have your brains explode,” she announced. “It’s going to be so wonderful. Get ready because it’s going to be a slam dunk.” We can’t wait.

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