Martial law? Not even close, as Donald Trump’s late night meltdown reveals how hobbled he is

It’s midnight and Donald Trump is ranting about John Bolton and the Republican Governor of Georgia – a reminder of just how cornered, hobbled, powerless, desperate, and defeated Trump really is, even amidst all this “martial law” nonsense.

The Army Chief of Staff and the Secretary of the Army just put out a joint statement confirming that the military has no role in elections. So no, martial law isn’t somehow happening. For that matter, the reporting reveals that Meadows, Cipollone, and Cuccinelli – three people who are actively helping Trump commit various other crimes – all explained to him that it would be literally impossible for him to somehow magically invoke the military.

We’re not doing ourselves any favors by running around suggesting that Trump might somehow be able to pull off something like martial law. That hands him leverage that he doesn’t have. The cold hard reality is that Trump is trying to trick us into believing he can just magically remain in office, so we’ll give him something in return for leaving. It’s more crucial than ever that we not fall for this nonsense, and not cower to Trump’s impossible threats on his way down.

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