Trump stooge David Perdue runs and hides in the Georgia runoffs

David Perdue’s strategy since the 2020 election ended has largely been to run for cover. He’s refused to show his face in public not just because he’s facing scandal after scandal and not doing his job in the Senate but because part of his plan to win in January is to act like he’s won already – to not even try fighting every accusation of corruption that comes his way or act like his opponent Jon Ossoff deserves even the courtesy of a debate. The trouble is that every time Perdue does step out into the spotlight, he makes himself look even worse.

Despite Donald Trump doing the absolute, bare minimum he’s obligated to do on Perdue’s behalf, while sending some not so subtle messages that he wants his voters to boycott the Georgia runoffs, Perdue is still doing what he can to cave to Donald Trump. Unfortunately, he’s stuck in a position where he’ll either anger the local Georgia Republican Party, led by figures like Governor Brian Kemp or Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger who has publicly ridiculed his campaign for its ignorance of the law, or he’ll face the wrath of Donald Trump and his surrogates at a time when Democrats are gaining momentum.


Somehow, he thinks the best way to appease both is to promise his potential voters that he’ll contest the election in Donald Trump’s favor when it comes to Congress to approve it. Consequently, he’s trying a move that is more liable to annoy both factions rather than prove his loyalty to anyone. The problem with this new promise he’s made to his voters is that his term expires on January 3, three days before Congress votes to approve the election results. He’s made a promise he can’t fulfill while taking an antidemocratic stance – as though voters needed another reason to make sure he loses re-election on January 5. Do what you can to support Jon Ossoff’s senate bid by donating and phone banking.

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