Donald Trump’s GOP Senate pal Martha McSally is in deep trouble

Sen. Martha McSally of Arizona is hardly in a position of envy. She’s a Republican facing re-election next year in a purple state, after briefly occupying the seat once held by the late John McCain. She’s falling behind on fundraising, while her likely Democratic opponent, former astronaut Mark Kelly, is beginning to lead her in the polls.

It also doesn’t help that McSally was never actually elected to begin with, being defeated last year by Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, and was only later appointed to her seat by Arizona’s governor. She hasn’t exactly scored favorably with voters either, giving up money earmarked for the military in her state to go to Trump’s racist border wall monument.

It’s only understandable then, that while sitting in on a hearing of the Senate Banking Committee on Tuesday, McSally admitted her frustration with her career choice: “I haven’t been here that long, thank God,” she muttered. We all have our bad days, and even the best politicians in Congress get frustrated from time to time when they can’t get legislation passed, and a few may joke about it, but McSally’s next words made it clear that she didn’t mean for it to get out, as she immediately admitted: “Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”

She didn’t actually apologize for the sentiment, but simply showed her regret for accidentally telling the truth. It’s safe to assume she’s not the only one who feels this way, as Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida has openly told interviewers that he can’t stand serving in Congress. This is one of the primary reasons we’re seeing a number of Republicans retire as they adjust to life in the minority – they’d rather rule than govern.

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