Donald Trump’s failed Taliban stunt just turned into a disastrous televised debacle for him

By now there’s no question that Donald Trump’s stupid plan to host Taliban terrorist leaders at Camp David has hurt him. Mike Pence leaked that he opposed it, and Trump ended up firing John Bolton over it, to give you an idea of how the fallout has played out thus far. But now it’s about to get worse for him. Much worse.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee just subpoenaed the person who was in charge of the negotiations between Donald Trump and the Taliban. And unlike some Trump witness subpoenas that have either dragged out interminably in court, or have resulted in testimony behind closed doors, CNN says that the committee is planning to have this guy testify in public – which means in front of the television cameras – next week.

In other words, we’re all about to get some answers as to what was really going on between Trump and the Taliban. How close was the real story to what Trump ended up tweeting about it? More to the point, how much worse was the real story than Trump’s version? How much was Trump willing to give up to the terrorist leaders during the negotiations? Which of Trump’s people were for or against the debacle? And perhaps most importantly, what role did the failed negotiations play in motivating the Taliban to attack the U.S. military in a manner which resulted in the death of a U.S. soldier?

Donald Trump’s impeachment officially started yesterday in the House Judiciary Committee. It’s going to lead to a flurry of televised hearings, across numerous House committees, on a variety of impeachment-worthy topics. Things are about to get ugly fast for Trump.

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