Mark Pomerantz takes Jim Jordan to school

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Jim Jordan’s stunt has royally backfired on him. When news broke that Jordan would be allowed to drag Mark Pomerantz before his “weaponization” committee, former prosecutor Glenn Kirschner said that Jordan was going in above his head. Kirschner was correct.

Pomerantz appeared before the committee last week for six hours. For the most part, he invoked the Fifth. No surprise there. The NY case is, after all, a criminal investigation, and even though Pomerantz no longer works for the DA’s office, he is bound to keep information in a criminal investigation confidential. Kirschner covered the issue on his “Justice Matters” podcast. Kirschner began by reminding us that Jordan has “criminally defied” the very type of subpoena served on him by the House Select Committee. Kirschner said that Pomerantz “took apart, piece by piece, Jim Jordan and his dirty little congressional committee to obstruct justice to protect Donald Trump.”

Kirschner referenced the NBC News report that revealed Pomerantz sat for six hours and gave the committee nothing. He refused to testify about the ongoing criminal probe into Donald Trump, and he called the deposition “political theater.” Pomerantz said: “This deposition is for show. We are gathered here because Donald Trump’s supporters would like to use these proceedings to attempt to obstruct and undermine the criminal case pending against him, and to harass, intimidate, and discredit anyone who investigates or charges him.” Pomerantz brought that home in his opening statement, where he acknowledged that he was only present because he respects the rule of law. Virtually everything Pomerantz said was a dig at Jordan, who would rather waste taxpayer money on an investigation that is going nowhere because he has no authority to insert himself into a criminal investigation.

In the words of Glenn Kirschner, Pomerantz “schooled” Jim Jordan on the law and how it is supposed to work. No one was surprised at this other than Jim Jordan. It’s sad that he’s not even ashamed by his own behavior, but he has his head stuck too far up Trump’s ass to see anything. Pomerantz acknowledged that he has spoken about Trump in the past, long before any criminal charges were filed. He further said that “the rule of law is best served if the merits of the case against Mr. Trump are litigated before the court that is hearing the case.” He also said that charges against Trump should be “heard and decided by a judge and jury before politicians second-guess their merits or the decision to bring them. That’s how our system works.” Pomerantz was not taking any crap off Jim Jordan.

Pomerantz zinged Jordan throughout his opening statement, calling the deposition “cynical histrionics.” He told them up front that he would not be answering any questions even remotely relating to the criminal investigation into Donald Trump. Pomerantz not only schooled Jordan on criminal procedure, but he warned that he would not answer any questions “that are not pertinent to a legitimate legislative function,” which this entire sham is not. Pomerantz has Jordan’s number. Jordan needs to do his job, and harassing prosecutors is not included in that job description.

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