House Republicans’ imaginary “whistleblower” debacle keeps getting uglier for them


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I’d like to talk about a mystery that’s playing out across America right now. This mystery comes about, of course, because of Republicans. Republicans have a nasty habit of saying and doing REALLY stupid things. But what Rep. James Comer said over the weekend wins the award for the most stupid remark of 2023.

And it also wins the award for the funniest Twitter responses. Comer, of course, is the one who claimed he had important evidence against President Biden. For weeks he said he had an informant, a whistle-blower. Then the time came for him to reveal who it was, and — he couldn’t.

He couldn’t because this person of persons, this valued informant had — vanished. We lost our whistle-blower, Comer actually said with a straight face. We don’t know where he went. He’s gone with the wind.

If Comer’s wish was to pique people’s interest in Biden, he failed., If Comer’s desire was to show himself for the fool he is, congrats — that he accomplished. And Twitter, of course, was delighted. Twitter has among its tweeters some very creative, delightful people. So join me now as we look over some Twitter hypothesis in determining just where this missing informant has gone:

“Maybe he’s in one of the classified document boxes. There’s got to be SOMETHING in at least one of them.”

“Don’t worry — Mike Lindell will find him.”

“He’s still lounging in that thing called Comer’s brain.”

‘Could the cracken have gotten him?”

“Please find him — CNN wants him to star in their next town hall.”

“Hopefully, a second whistleblower will come forward to report on the whereabouts of the first whistleblower.”


“Breaking news: George Santos has found the missing person.”

“Maybe they should file a missing person report.”

“The informant thought Comer was talking about Trump, not Biden.”

“He went back to Narnia.”

“Check Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

“They can order one off on Amazon. They have everything.”

“You simply cannot trust Hugo Chavez.”

“Saw him’ on a milk carton.”

“If they make a movie of this, I want to play the informant.”

“Perhaps he’s hiding with the Iraq WMD.” (My favorite.)

“Didn’t I see this storyline on law and order?”

“This sort of thing happens when you make shit up.”

“Wow! What a surprise!”

“Dark Brandon talked sense into him.”



“The GOP could not organize a piss-up in a brewery.”



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