Marjorie Taylor Greene has been temporarily suspended from Twitter

Last night Palmer Report pointed out that brand New House Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene had gone completely off the deep end with a semi-coherent Twitter rant. Now it turns out she’s been temporarily suspended.

Twitter has suspended Greene for twelve hours due to her recent false tweets. In response she’s released a completely unhinged statement, ranting about a “Silicon Valley Cartel.” This is notable because her pattern of recent tweets suggests that she’ll continue making a point of breaking the rules and getting repeatedly suspended, raising the question of whether Twitter will end up permanently banning her. Twitter banned Donald Trump for life, but that was at a point where he was a few weeks away from being out of office anyway. Greene is set to be in the House for two more years, unless she resigns in scandal first.


To be clear, while Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Twitter account is still visible to the public, she is in fact suspended. Twitter leaves accounts still visible while they’re temporarily suspended, but the individual can’t use the account. Twitter only takes accounts offline if they’re suspended permanently, as in the case of Donald Trump.

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