Marjorie Taylor Greene goes off the deep end

Even as brand new House Republican Lauren Boebert continues to go further and further off the deep end in the wake of the U.S. Capitol attack, her fellow brand new House Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene seems to be in a race with her to see who can melt down the fastest.

Marjorie Taylor Greene released a statement this evening which urged Trump supporters not to commit any acts of violence on Inauguration Day. That’s a good thing, of course. But her lengthy statement reads like one of the most unhinged conspiracy theories ever written.

Greene is ranting about “Marxist BLM and Communist ANTIFA,” whatever that’s supposed to be, along with the “Silicon Valley Cartel” and the “Communist Chinese-style spying and censorship on the American people.” And that’s some of the least incoherent language. You can read the entire deranged thing here if you really want to.


If Marjorie Taylor Greene had simply put out a statement urging Trump supporters not to commit any violence, we’d have given her credit for it. But instead she’s laced her statement with the kinds of deranged lies that formed the basis of pro-Trump violence to begin with. This is just embarrassing. She should resign.

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