Marco Rubio just stepped in it

Marco Rubio just seriously tried to compare Delta Airlines to communist China, because the CEO of Delta dared to speak up against the Georgia voter suppression law. This is an April Fools Day reminder that Marco Rubio has always been a joke.

– The Matt Gaetz thing is a reminder of just how long federal criminal probes can take, and how often they tend to remain a secret until indictments are finally near. If anyone thinks Trump and his henchmen “got away with it all” just because they haven’t yet been arrested, that’s not how anything works.

– Tweet of the day, from Charles M. Blow: “Today I have seen a grown black man break down and cry on the stand and a grown black man begs, in vain, for his life in the streets. All while watching this trial. There is a phenomenon called ‘vicarious traumatization,’ but I rebuke that spirit! I’m not sad or hurt. I’m ANGRY!”

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