GaetzGate gets even uglier

Back in late 2017 there was the Combating Human Trafficking in Commercial Vehicles Act that enjoyed almost unanimous support in Congress. Across both houses of Congress there was only one no vote. Who was that no vote? Yep. Congressional 8th grade bully Matt Gaetz. This gives another dimension to #GaetzGate.

At the time he trotted out the usual GQP excuses about how the act would lead to more Federal regulation and how whole sections of the Federal government should be abolished which is why he voted no. Funny how none of his fellow Republicans saw it that way. Hell even guys like Steve King and Blake Farenthold of Congressional PJ party fame voted for this legislation.

This federal investigation may give us more of an an answer as to why he voted no. It looks to me like so many other Republicans he saw nothing wrong with trafficking people to suit his own twisted desires. Maybe next time the GQP wants to spout off about sex they should look in the mirror first. Maybe the GQP should pull the redwoods out of their eyes before pointing out the specks in anybody else’s eyes. At any rate I hope I see the day when the 8th grade bully has a nice new orange jumpsuit to wear. Maybe he and the former guy can be roomies in the joint.

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