Marco Rubio goes completely off the rails as Donald Trump circles the drain

Marco Rubio is trying so hard right now to be the new Trump, but he sounds like a fifth grader nervously reading his book report to the class, hoping no one will figure out that his mom wrote it for him.

Rubio’s big schtick right now is that too many of Joe Biden’s cabinet members went to Ivy League schools. Oh, the horror of putting smart people in charge of the country. It doesn’t always work, but it’s better than putting dumb people in charge. Or in Trump’s case, putting a bunch of criminals and Kremlin spies and family members in charge. The kicker is that Trump himself went to Wharton, which is part of the University Pennsylvania, which is – you guessed it – an Ivy League school.

Marco Rubio is trying hard to position himself atop the vacuum that’s now quickly being created in the Republican Party, as Donald Trump recedes from influence and view, his base loses enthusiasm, and the party looks for a new narrative to continue its grift. But Rubio’s problem is that he’s just as unintelligent as ever. He went to respectable universities himself, but it’s clear that Rubio is insecure about his own obvious lack of intellect.

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