Donald Trump cancels his Gettysburg trip as he indecisively dissolves into a puddle of goo

For all his desire to come off as a strongman, Donald Trump has consistently shown that he’s tepid and indecisive when it comes to his corrupt decision making. He waits too long to make a decision, then after he realizes it’s too late to matter, he tries to overcompensate with belated action, only to change his mind repeatedly about how he wants to overreact.

That brings us to Trump’s decision to keep his distance from the election related stunts that his lawyers have been carrying out. This was probably the correct move, considering the whole thing has just been an embarrassing cash grab. But now that it’s sunk in for Trump that he really has lost the election and his life is over, he’s suddenly regretting not having done more to try to magically overturn the result.

So after Rudy Giuliani announced he was meeting with Pennsylvania Republicans to discuss conspiracy theories at a hotel, Trump let it be known last night that he was attending as well. But now Trump has canceled his trip. Leave it to him to wait to get involved until after it’s too late, and then keep flip flopping about whether he’s actually getting involved.

It’s not immediately clear if Trump is merely canceling his own trip to Gettysburg, or if he’s canceling the entire Rudy event. It doesn’t appear they know what they’re doing over there, which isn’t surprising. If Rudy does go through with it now, it’ll be seen as even more of a punchline. It was one thing for Trump to never get involved to begin with. But now the narrative will be that Trump signed on to the event, then realized it was too much of a joke even for him and bailed, leaving Rudy to his own devices. Not that today’s stunt was ever going to have any impact, with or without Trump’s participation.

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