Donald Trump mails it in

Considering how little Donald Trump knows about economics, we’re guessing he never did his homework while he was enrolled at Wharton. For that matter, considering how little Donald Trump knows about spelling and grammar, we’re not convinced he did his homework when he was in the third grade. In any case, if Trump has spent his life proverbially mailing it in, he’s taking that to a whole new level right now.

Donald Trump’s 2020 poll numbers are dropping so badly these days, it’s not clear if we should even refer to him as a candidate. So what’s his solution to turning around his own toxic level of unpopularity? This tweet: “With all that this Administration has accomplished, think what my Poll Numbers would be if we had an honest Media, which we do not!” That’s right, he’s just going to pretend that his poll numbers aren’t bad.

The U.S. stock market and economy are in huge trouble, because Trump’s tax giveaway to the wealthy did nothing for the economy, and Trump’s failed trade war has been devastating to Americans. So what is he doing to try to turn it around? This tweet: “We are doing very well with China, and talking!” Really, Donald? That’s your answer?

But that’s okay, because Donald Trump has a really smart, nuanced, sophisticated, real-world solution to everything he’s screwed up, and everything that’s now going so terribly wrong for him. No, just kidding. The guy only has four words left that he can consistently string together: “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” It’s a matter of time before he starts misspelling those words as well.

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