Geraldo Rivera rips Donald Trump a new one

Geraldo Rivera gave up on any semblance of journalistic credibility decades ago, but in recent years he’s been enjoying a rebirth of sorts as a Donald Trump apologist on Fox News. The thing is, Trump just keeps getting more awful – and perhaps just as importantly, Trump keeps getting more incrementally unpopular with large chunks of Fox’s audience.

We don’t know if Geraldo Rivera has suddenly remembered that he’s a human, or if he’s merely trying to get out ahead of Donald Trump’s potential downfall. Either way, Geraldo has spent the past few weeks lighting Trump on fire. Tonight, Geraldo took it to Trump in particularly aggressive fashion.

Geraldo posted this tweet, slamming Trump for his role in convincing Benjamin Netanyahu to ban two U.S. Congresswomen from visiting the country: “Those attacking Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar for their stance on Israel are in denial. Israel is occupying Palestinian land. No spinning or propagandizing or mythologizing or rationalizing is going to change that ugly fact.” Then Geraldo hit Trump again: “Deporting to Mexico undocumented immigrant #AlejandraJuarez who’s been here for 22 years & is the wife of a former Marine & mother of 3 citizen children-makes no sense. How is America strengthened by this cruel act?”

Then things took a turn for the particularly strange. Geraldo began attacking Anthony Scaramucci for the inconsistent manner in which Scaramucci has been attacking Donald Trump, concluding that “You’re as thin skinned as Trump.” Then racist pond scum Chuck Woolery began attacking Geraldo for daring to call out Trump. We’re not sure what’s going on, but the jokers of the far right are suddenly eating each other alive.

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