Madison Cawthorn goes off the deep end

The far-right arm of the Republican party continues to try to capitalize on the Covid mask issue. Too bad they really do not care about anyone. It is all a political ruse. According to Washington Post, Madison Cawthorn insinuated himself into a Buncombe County school board meeting, firing up anti-mask parents and generally creating havoc. According to Cawthorn: “The greatest threat to our children today does not come from covid-19. It comes from woke, liberal government officials like you who think they are all-knowing and all-wise.” Cawthorn is a nut. He is also a liar.

Back in March, Huffington Post cleared up Cawthorn’s claim that his friend “left him to die in a fiery tomb,” referring to the accident in which he was paralyzed. Cawthorn’s former friend, Bradley Ledford, had no choice but to come forward and revealed that he pulled Cawthorn from the wreckage. Cawthorn also claimed that he was preparing to study at the U.S. Naval Academy until the wreck, but according to AVL Watchdog, Cawthorn had already been rejected by the Academy. Finally, after repeatedly claiming that the 2020 election was “stolen,” Cawthorn admitted on CNN that he had no such evidence. He is a proven liar and troublemaker, and he is doing the same in North Carolina.

People railing against masks for children are not only stupid, but they are dangerous. Washington Post reported that Covid cases among children accounted for more than 15% of all new cases. Nationwide, the American Academy of Pediatrics reported that cases among children increased to 72,000 from 39,000 less than one month ago. In Georgia, school has been open for barely a week, and the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that 900 new cases of Covid-19 have appeared in eight districts. These numbers will undoubtedly rise as some of the districts have a “masks optional” policy. In Gwinnett County, Georgia’s largest school districts, 250 cases were reported in the first four days of school.

Continuing to object to masks is not a question of freedom; it is a question of stupidity. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis claimed that children wearing masks exposes them to other diseases and that “they’re not going to wear them properly anyway.” Why not show them how to properly wear the mask rather than exposing them to Covid-19? This statement is beyond stupid. People like DeSantis and Cawthorn are stirring up trouble that will have no positive outcome. The only way we will be safely able to resume some semblance of our former lives is for everyone to be vaccinated who can be vaccinated and to continue to wear masks until that happens. The virus will continue to circulate unless and until it is stopped in its tracks. Everyone crying out about their freedoms can thank themselves for compromising our freedom to live virus free. The vaccine has proven effective and safe. There is absolutely no reason not to get it. If you cannot think of the rest of us, at least think of your family, and stop voting for people like Madison Cawthorn and Ron DeSantis.

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