Marjorie Taylor Greene is having a bad day

Marjorie Taylor Greene decided to post some horse manure vaccine disinformation on her twitter feed. Twitter has responded by suspending her account for one week. I’m not going to repost her exact words because that’d be giving her what she wants in helping her to spread her anti-vax manure far and wide.

Sufficient to say, this is a woman who has proven yet again that she has no interest in the common good or helping even her own constituents get their own vaccination rates up (which according to this Harvard site is about 30%). She would rather spread conspiracy theories and other deranged horse manure.

And of course, she and the Reich wing echo chamber will probably be out there whining about how mean twitter is being towards her. The graduates of the Trump University School of Law will likely be out to tell the planet how this is all unconstitutional and the like (hint: it’s not). And yeah, I’ve got a whole shed of popcorn ready to go too.

But seriously, what in hell is Twitter waiting for and not just giving her the boot altogether? God knows she’s violated their own policies to the point that you, or I, or any of the other contributors here on Palmer Report would be long gone by now. We saw where taking a hands off approach to certain politicians like former guy led to back in January, when a band of Branch Trumpvidian terrorists attacked the Capitol. It’s time for Twitter to obtain some intestinal fortitude and invite politicians like Greene who use the platform to spread disinformation and violate their own policies to take their horse shit elsewhere.

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