Macaulay Culkin wants Donald Trump removed from Home Alone 2

After a number of people tweeted images of Donald Trump digitally removed from his cameo scene in Home Alone 2, Macaulay Culkin responded to one of them and said “Bravo.” When someone then suggested that Trump be replaced by a 40 year old Macaulay Culkin, Culkin then responded with “Sold.”

That’s right, the star of the Home Alone franchise really is calling for Donald Trump to be removed from Home Alone 2. Trump really is losing everything.

– Six days until the end of Donald Trump’s presidency. Hundreds of thousands of Americans dead. He’s been impeached multiple times and faces prison for terrorism. No one can go outside without a mask. There are bread lines. Right about where we thought we’d be by the end of this.

– Joe Biden’s inauguration features Lady Gaga, J-Lo, and Tom Hanks. Donald Trump’s inauguration was boycotted by a Bruce Springsteen tribute band.

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