Donald Trump is losing everything

– Donald Trump is about to lose his presidency, his assets, his family, and his freedom. We’re about to see the compete dismantling of a person who uniquely deserves it.

– Donald Trump deleted his tweet about holding a press conference at the Four Seasons, and he’s since clarified that he’s holding it at “Four Seasons Total Landscaping.” You can’t make this stuff up.

– Wow, even the Murdoch owned Wall Street Journal is now telling Trump to go quietly. What’s amazing is how Trump is so unstable, his allies always have to coddle him like he’s a distempered infant, and yet some people out there wanted him to remain President of the United States.


– Tweet of the day, from Beto O’Rourke: “Thank you
Stacey Abrams for what you made possible in Georgia and throughout this country. The example, the inspiration, the hard work, the selflessness, the generosity towards all who called on you to help. So grateful to and inspired by you.”

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