Donald Trump’s downfall has reached its logical conclusion

The MAGAt’s have come to the logical conclusion of four years of sedition. They’ve invaded the Capitol and shut down Congress. Every “law and order” Republican owns this. To have criminally voted for Trump after four years of his lawlessness and treason makes this their responsibility. The Republican Party needs to disband and another conservative, law-abiding party needs to form in its place.

This started with Trump’s lies. It will now end with these terrorists spending decades in Federal prison. The MAGAt morons don’t even know what they’re doing except they absolutely know to react to Trump’s dog whistles of a stolen election. To see our Congress invaded by a guy wearing a Trump cape is enough to inspire incandescent anger, nauseating contempt, and finally, laughter at their ridiculousness. Every Republican Trump voter owns this. Anger, contempt and ridicule is all they deserve.

Biden is soon to be sworn in. Thankfully this happened now so that Biden can prepare for any insurrection on January 20th. Decent and honorable people have now won both houses of Congress. The future is bright; we’re well on the path of our country becoming the country we want it to be. Hang tight, patriots. Healing is already happening and if any good comes out of these obscene images from the Capitol, it’s the notion of how sacred we must hold the right to vote.

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