Several resignations are underway tonight as Donald Trump circles the drain

Any senior official who’s still working for Donald Trump at this late date probably belongs in prison for conspiracy against the United States, no matter how they choose to exit from here. But now that Trump has incited a deadly terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol Building, some of his advisers are now trying to cut their losses by resigning.

Thus far tonight Donald Trumps Deputy White House Press Secretary and Melania Trump’s Chief of Staff have resigned. Multiple major news outlets are reporting that Trump’s White House National Security Adviser, Deputy National Security Adviser, and Secretary of Transportation are also considering resigning tonight. Meanwhile, the New York Times says that several more unspecified resignations are expected in the next 24 hours.

This raises the question of who’s left around Donald Trump at this point, even as he spirals completely out of his mind. All of these resignations, and hollowing out of Trump’s orbit, make it all the more important that the 25th Amendment or a fast track impeachment be invoked within the next day or two. Trump is no longer stable enough to remain in office for two weeks.

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