Liz Cheney sticks it to Donald Trump

I admire politicians who fear nothing. This attitude is not always easy to find. And that leads me to Rep. Liz Cheney. Look, Cheney and I disagree on almost everything politically. But her fighting spirit and toughness have earned my respect.

She appears to fear nothing. And that is quite different than her nemesis, Kevin McCarthy, who seems to fear everything. This week, “America’s traitor” endorsed a competitor of Cheney’s.

Here is a quick aside: I think you know who I speak of as America’s traitor. I also must thank all of you for the creative replies for nicknames for the former guy. You all had me in tears. I will use more than one at different times because the suggestions are too good to narrow it down to one. America’s traitor was one such suggestion.

So, apparently stung by the fact that Cheney is able to think for herself, America’s traitor is seemingly determined to oust her in 2022.

Fine. He can try. But I must say, Cheney’s response to America’s traitor was terrific.

Two words: “Bring it.”

We’ve got to applaud that. I certainly wish there were more Republicans less concerned with taking horse dewormers and talking about Bill Gates and micro-chips. Instead, I wish more would show a lack of fear like Cheney does. Alas, this is one wish I suspect will not be granted, at least not anytime soon. I think Cheney’s got this.

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