Living rent-free inside Donald Trump’s head

Here’s the thing about Donald Trump. As corrupt as he is, as evil as he is, as much damage as he manages to do, he’s pretty easy to screw with. No one would ever want to be impeached, of course. But since Trump has been impeached, he’s been unable to focus on anything else. In fact we just got a glimpse into just how far off the deep end this has all driven him.

While the crisis was playing out at the U.S. embassy in Iraq yesterday, Donald Trump was busy tweeting mean things about Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. While Trump was supposed to be enjoying himself by hosting a New Year’s Eve party at Mar-a-Lago last night for his corrupt pals, he was busy ranting and raving to reporters about how “overrated” Nancy Pelosi is.

There’s nothing else in Donald Trump’s head anymore, nothing else on his plate anymore, beyond his obsession with how Pelosi sized him up, cornered him, and managed to impeach him in a way that’s ended up hurting his 2020 prospects. Trump has lost to Pelosi, and he knows it, and he has a good sense that he’s not done losing to Pelosi. After all, she once said that she didn’t want to bother impeaching him because she was more interested in putting him in prison. Now that she has impeached him, she’s surely working on the prison part too.

The kicker is that not only is Nancy Pelosi living rent-free inside Donald Trump’s head, you are too. You spent the first two years of Trump’s illegitimate presidency working to hold him at bay, and working to make sure the Democrats retook the House, thus putting Pelosi in position to do this to him. Trump is making himself more easily beatable than ever. Now it’s simply up to you to spend 2020 working hard and working smart, and finishing him off. Happy new year!

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