Lindsey Graham just disqualified himself

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Just how far downhill has Republican Senator Lindsey Graham gone over the past few years? Back when Donald Trump first attacked John McCain in 2016, Graham publicly read him the riot act. But with McCain now deceased, and Trump currently at the center of power, Graham’s loyalties have shifted entirely.

Democratic Senate candidate Jaime Harrison summed up Lindsey Graham’s fall from grace quite succinctly on Twitter tonight: “It’s been a day since the news broke about our President’s horrifying remarks denigrating our military service members. Yet, @LindseyGrahamSC has said *nothing*. The old Lindsey Graham would have stood up loudly for our troops. Instead, this is just more proof that he’s changed.”

We all know what Lindsey Graham is doing. He’s hoping that this scandal will blow over and he won’t have to say anything one way or the other. He’s hoping he can avoid publicly choosing sides between Trump and McCain. But in reality, Graham chose Trump over McCain a long time ago, when he married himself to Trump’s corrupt, psychotic presidency.

As far as we’re concerned here at Palmer Report, time is up. With his prolonged silence, Lindsey Graham has disqualified himself from being a public official. He’s disqualified himself from being able to call himself John McCain’s friend. He’s disqualified himself from having a soul. Let’s make sure that on election day, Lindsey Graham is disqualified from the United States Senate.

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